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From the pyramid
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We are creating for ourselves a universe within this universe,
of seemingly unlimited
space and possibility.

This space which we create and control, live and work in. Cyberspace.

The time has come for society to discard the old ways and think about what we can do with all this knowledge and processing power.

wrathex avatar

My nick is wrathex
and the wormhole above is my avatar.

I have an avid interest in futurism, science fiction, cyberculture and the future of society in general.

I was born in Wynberg Cape Town and spent my childhood playing cowboys and crooks, riding bicycles and catching tadpoles in the nearby vlei on the Cape Flats in Kenwyn.

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All the information, help, links,
LAN info, gaming servers,
or questions you have
the answers will be found in the
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Smiley Vault

Carinka, Jessica, Savas, Wrathex
These links will be interesting to locals and visitors, especially those who seek to explore the social possibilities that come into existence when you network millions of people from all over the world into one massive area. We call it cyberspace.

Stories, articles, messages and topics related to local insiders are spread all over this site for your online experience.

Celebrate, because an exciting new era is born, the electronic revolution, broadband internet everywhere, you have the power from the comfort of your home, to occupy, manupilate and control virtual space.

Virtual Space is a great new frontier, it is changing us, all of us, the very way humanity thinks, live, and work, just imagine what lies ahead !

The Internet and pc's are tools that extend our abilities

The future promises a cybernet which will cover the span of our solar system, where human societies are digitally connected.

Whether you're doing science on Mars or building a starship on the dark side of the moon, or maybe you're far out, near one of the giants, maybe you're mining around Saturn,

or stuck in Joburg because you can't afford a ticket on a starship,

whatever your future situation might be, you'll always be connected to the net.
Interesting links to cyberculture issues and online magazines

discussion of the social scientific study of cyberspace

History of the Internet
Brief History of the Internet

Daily News of IRC related stuff

Irc Help
Everything about Internet Relay Chat

Net for Beginners
Excellent site for beginners and those who need to know things

The hole in the world
Go see for yeself bru.

Cybersoc Online
Online resources for social scientists and internet professionals about cyberculture

The Internet Society
Is a non-profit, non-governmental, membership organisation. ISOC-ZA members represent a broad cross section of the Internet community in South Africa.

You know what that means.
Are South African's being left behind because of Telkom's Greed?

NAG Forums - A tight community of gamers, with lots of info on gaming, gamers and the local gaming scene - not for sissies

Meeting People

I went to a Mail & Guardian Online Forum meet Feb 2009

Toppie from Durban, member of Mail & Guardian Forum The meet was held at the coffeeshop of Exclusive Books in the waterfront, Cape Town on Sunday 25th of February 2009 at 3pm.

Six forum members attended; Taliesin, Fyrebird, Thandanani, Toppie, nukedNightjar and myself wrathex, we sat outside on the patio, it was a lovely afternoon weatherwise, the conversation was easy and flowed, and we chatting while drinking coffee.

I stayed a bit longer after the other members had left, chatting to Toppie and we had some more coffee, after which we drove around the Greenpoint stadium construction works, and I eventually dropped him at his hotel. a successful meet concluded

Toppie is an elder from Durban and a active Mail & Guardian Forum member.

Online the Mail & Guardian Forum crowd are a mature group of members, most are well read and ready to debate any issue with you, especially politics.

There are many different types of forum/blog/web communities and I tried a few where I did not fit in, I think that's normal, however I moved on and eventually found a few niche communities online where we gelled.

The Mail & Guardian Forum will be shutdown on Friday 19th of June 2009, forum members have migrated to the Primrose Forum and Dementia Forum.

The very latest news at M&G Forum is that it will remain operational and not be closing soon.
The favourite for wired news

Dive in and learn more about web stuff

The internet archive of old internet sites
If you have old links, you might find the sites here.

Greg Cook
Local 3D creator, the site seems a bit neglected at the moment, but still.

An elegantly organized tour of the history of the Internet
Interesting information

Secured Internet Access Services
Learn about encryption and security

Ma·hir (Maa-heer)
First internet celebrity of the world.
this site really made me laugh as it reminded me of those first silly days of internet chat, you must have a look at the "I kiss you" video clip.

PC Format South Africa
Cameron Losco & team offers a portal and links you to local people, forums and online gaming news.

5fm Radio Station Online

NAG - The best Gaming Magazine in the world - by South Africans

Elucia's Random Log

She stopped for a moment panting. She rested, refreshed her log, catalogued the random bytes that had joined her since her last rest, dedicated most of them and kept one, as she always did.

Scanning the matrix, she calculated the approach of the snifferbots, mapped the rnumber, adjusted her buffer.

" I like running anyway... .. ... ", her whisper echoed down the path, bouncing back at her, she verified her route, running swiftly, the stray byte by her side, and disappeared into the vast network.
by J. Wrathex

Prophecy Forum Meet Logo by member Amphiptere

I also went to a Prophecy Forum meet at Quay 4 in Cape Town's waterfront on 31 May 2009

A table had been booked in advance at the upstairs restaurant and it was rather balmy and warm inside in contrast to the cold weather outside.

I had a superb rare steak, with madagaskar pepper sauce, everyone's food looked good, and it had better, Q4 has touristy prices, but my meal was worth it.

It was a nice crowd and I felt comfortable, people had interesting things to say and we had many laughs too.

Click here to jump into a thread at the Prophecy Forum and meet the fantastic Cape Town crowd and see the photos of the meet.

Waterfront Logo by Amphiptere

is happening and people are meeting and making new friends online all the time.

There are many little communities of locals and people from across the country are talking to each other and socialising.

You will meet them on Forums, on Twitter, on Blogs, on IRC, Facebook, MySpace to mention but the most popular of the places.

Once you become a regular poster it's easy to make friends with people, who like you, sit behind computers all day with broadband and who enjoy having someone to chat or share with now and then to break the solitude.

I have been to several Meets over the years and it's always been fun and a thrill to meet the friends you have made behind the avatar or nick.

South African Chat Information, nicklists & advice

#Cape Town meet at the Hardrock Cafe 2006/7.
friends of the altar
fish in net
cynical walker
wodger & Tequila Sunrise

Links for Local cap

for downloads
online shopping
ftp servers
and much more

Local File Sharing

Photos and people
on this website

Click to jump into a thread at the NAG Forum to see how locals had fun creating stunning Vernon Koekemoer postcards.

Top photos banner
Carinka drinking coffee, Jessica & Savas at a wedding & wrathex in winter, the dude in the round photo socialises on Steam and plays TF2 online.

Carinka is a student and recently discovered pc gaming, she's playing Pharoah

Savas is a stylist at Scar in Kloof Street

Jessica is playing Morrowind and looking for a job

Waterfront Logo created by Amphiptere, member of Prophecy Forum.

Android Assembly

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