Housewives hve happy homes and children

Why be a housewife

There is only one good reason for wanting to be a housewife.

It is a parent that wants to give their children the best possible care and to personally make sure that the children are taught the values and culture of the parent.

Do housewives earn a salary?

Yes, I earn a very good tax free salary, which my husband pays into my bank account.

In order to be a housewife, you and your partner must talk about it and come to an agreement.

My partner earns a good salary and can afford to support me and our children.

An annual bonus is paid, my bonus is double my salary and I get it at the end of November every year, in time for Christmas shopping.

What are the responsibilites of a housewife?

Listed in order of importance:

1. to take care of the children

2. to cook healthy meals

3. to make a loving home

4. to take care of the home

5. to clean and do laundry

Do housewives get holidays?

Yes, housewives must have holidays and breaks away from the home in order to rejuvenate and rest away from the many daily responsibilities.

On a weekly basis, usually a Sunday, the housewife can be taken to a restaurant, where she does not have to cook and clean and can go home to a clean kitchen.

On a monthly basis, the housewife can be taken on a "weekend away", this can be self-catering, but the preferred destination for a hardworking housewife is a 2day stay at a hotel, where she can relax and have no responsibilities.

On a yearly basis, the housewife can be taken to a relaxing holiday destination.

Is being a housewife a stressful job?

Yes, because it entails looking after children.

The younger the child/children are, the more stressful the situation is.

Taking care of babies are the most stressful, because they can be hurt or get sick easily.

The stress comes into play on different levels.

The most stressful is the responsibility of keeping the child safe and alive.

A baby or small child
- can choke
- drown
- fall on head
- get shocked by electricity
- crawl into road/traffic
- cry a lot
- be colicky
- be ill with coughs and flu

and it is the housewife that has the psychological responsibility to prevent accidental harm and to nurture a sick child back to health.

Teenager Stress:

Young children growing into teenagers, can be difficult and tantrumish, because of fluctuating hormone levels.

This is a time when the housewife must be very patient and understanding.

Teenagers are becoming less reliant on the parent and more aware of themselves as seperate entities.

Loud music and new habits are normal for this age group and should be respected.

This is also a time when the housewife will experience high levels of stress.

Detailed list of duties:

Primary duties:

Part One: Take care of the children

small children or babies
ages 0 - 9
- feeding and drinking
- dressing
- keeping safe
- immunization
- attention and love
- teaching names of people and objects
- being patient
- being affectionate
- primary schooling
- read to them
- encourage reading
- teach basic safety
- play and build (lego)
- draw and paint
- have birthday parties
- transport safely

children come first

ages 10 - 16
- socialising
- provide information
- take shopping
- take to movies
- have birthday parties
- talk about life
- invite friends
- rules and guidence
- talk about sex
- patience
- understanding
- accept them
- encourage
- oversee study time
- take to school
- fetch from school
- take to events
- talk to teachers
- chat with their friends
- be accepting
- open bank account
- get ID document

young adults
ages 16 plus
- all as listed above
- provide career council
- allow adult behaviour
- inform about reality
- advise about life
- teach to drive a car
- give more responsibilities
- be more accepting
- accept their friends
- talk about everything
- spend time together
- encourage selfhelp
- encourage independence

Part two: Housework duties

- make beds
- sweep/vacuum
- tidy up
- clean kitchen
- laundry

Part Three: Cooking duties

- do grocery shopping
- keep house stocked
- cook healthy meals

Part Four: Shopping duties

- clothing
- linen
- toiletries
- home beauty
- gifts

Part Five: Extra Duties

- take care of pets
- gardening
- make home lovely
- clean pool

I do these extra duties, because I am creative, hardworking and I get paid a very good salary.

My family is comfortable and feel at home and are proud to invite people into our lovely home.

My children are stunning and strong individuals and are broadminded, they spend most of their time at home, and their friends are always welcome here.

I take care of our pets and I keep an eye on the garden and clean the pool, I don't mind doing these things, because I appreciate my home and go to the trouble to take good care of it.

I have become an experienced housewife and now have lots of free time for my hobbies, which include, reading, beading, soapmaking, gardening and pc gaming.

Our home has broadband and I use it to chat with friends, read websites and get information on baking, cooking and anything I want to know more about.

dad General information

Housewives are not always women, there is no reason why a father cannot be a good househusband.

On this website we will talk about a housewife, but it includes househusbands.

In order to be a housewife your partner must earn a decent salary and must be able to afford your services.

Housewife Tools

- car
- washing machine
- tumble dryer
- dish washer
- microwave
- vacuum cleaner
- medical kit
- cell phone
- internet access
- credit card for emergencies

List of Benefits of family
that has a housewife

- children are in the best care
- working partner has less worries

- housewife expenses are less:
- less travel expenses
- less cosmetic expenses
- less clothing expenses

- no nanny fee required
- worker can take leave whenever
- home is welcoming and warm
- more security at home
- less overall stress
- happier & healthier children
- children with your values
- teenagers are supervised

List of negatives:

Housewife can become isolated, and become depressed.

This can be prevented if housewife earns a good salary and can maintain herself and her hobbies.

Internet access opens up a world of communication and presents a platform for entertainment and offers the housewife a place where she can socialise, safely from home.

Other useful information:

The working partner must realise that the housewife needs breaks from her huge responsibilities.

The working partner must be supportive on an emotional level and must appreciate the efforts being made by the housewife.

The housewife does not have a career, or any of the psychological benefits of feeling part of a team, or being patted on the back for good performance, the working partner should make an effort to encourage and appreciate.

Every housewife will have a very definite way of doing things and the order in which they are done, this should be respected.

Housewives will be better able to anticipate the family's emotional needs and the working partner should listen to advise, especially regarding recommendations about the children.

The hardworking creative housewife deserves a good salary, she/he is the heart of the home and if she's not happy, everyone will suffer the consequences.

The greatest gift to your child or children is to raise and nurture them yourself, with your values.

Families with housewives are happier, healthier, closer to each other and have children that flourish.

There is nothing politically negative about being a housewife or husband, it is the ultimate privilege and the surest way to raise your children with your beliefs and values.

The housewife or husband directly influences the next generation and should take that responsibility with all the seriousness it deserves.

Written By Cynthia Gertenbach, living in Cape Town South Africa, an experienced housewife with two children, a boy aged 14 and a daughter aged 20.

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