My name is Laika, whooOOOoooo

My name is Laika, I am a Siberian Husky living in Stellenbosch, Cape Town South Africa.

I was born on the 6th of April 2005.

I love my pack and they love me. The pack leader is a human female and she is called Cindy.

She feeds me and Tron and Jessica (they are junior human members in the pack)and she also feeds Ella, the cat and the two birds.

The weather here is a bit hot for me, as I have a thick double fur and prefer to live in colder climates.

I find cool spots in the garden and of course in the house, where I live with a large pack of animals.

There are 4 humans, 2 cockatiel birds and Ella the cat.

There used to be chickens too, but we moved the pack and they stayed at the farm.

There is a large tub with water in where I cool off on the hottest days, and lots of bowls of water for me to take a drink.

I put my feet in and splash water over my tummy with my front legs.

I don't like swimming in the big pool, the water smells funny and then my fur stays wet and get's stinky !

I get three small meals a day, and every night I get a bingo when we go to bed.

playing football Sometimes a big strong male human comes back from being away, and then the pack is complete for a month, before he goes away again, he works far away.

I love to play with a football and also I have a large rubbersnake I play with, sometimes I get taken outside our territory and then I very very much enjoy sniffing new smells and seeing new things and it makes me clever and gives me a lot of joy.

I live in a large house and I sleep where I want, but when the human male is home, I don't sleep on the big bed, cause it is his spot and he is the strongest animal in the pack.

I have one brown eye and one blue eye, and a lot of energy ! I play fight with others in the pack and sometimes we play chase-chase. I can bark loud and sometimes I howl, especially when the little dogs next door make their high pitch barks.

my big bone When I was small I got this really massive bone from a big bird, called an ostrich, it was awesome and I chewed on it for days!

I often get large bones to chew, but never small ones, cause the pack leader says I will choke on it.

I am not a guard dog. I like other animals, but my wild side likes to chase garden birds and moths.

I love running free most of all, but I am not allowed to do it because there are too many dangers, like fast cars. When I run, I just don't want to stop and there are so many roads and buildings that I can get lost very quickly, and I will keep looking for my pack and maybe never find them again.

with Jesse on the bed I am sitting with Jessica on her bed, she kisses me a lot, and plays chase-chase with me around the big table.

I am one happy husky to have a very loving pack and we all take care of each other.

Tron is stronger and he is higher up in the pack than me, sometimes he wrestles me to the ground, just to prove it.